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We are the team of professionals, who provide full-stack software development services.
In our clients and employees we see people first, that is why we build all our communications on Respect, Transparency and Trust.

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Who we are?

GetApp Group is a software development company located in Dnipro city, Ukraine. JavaScript is our core expertise, but we mix different technologies to develop reliable and robust frontend, backend and infrastructure.

In our clients we see people first, that is why we build all our communications on Respect, Transparency and Trust. We are the team of professionals, who can take care of client’s custom software to bring it to the next level. We offer our clients a wide range of services to cover each stage of project implementation.

We help our clients to achieve bigger goals through cutting-edge technology, on-time delivery and a robust engineering culture.  Our clients can rely on us in embodying their ideas through tech consultancy, product development and delivery services

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What you get

With outsourcing model

All-inclusive: you will get a whole project from scratch.

GetApp Group will fully evaluate your demands, wishes, budget and will make your project idea a reality.

No need to take care of choosing developers.

We forms a development team on our side. That being said, if you has preferences, GetApp Group can always influence the teamformation.

No management headache: you won’t have to take care of the management.

GetApp Group will do it for you. Our team commit for the result.

Outsourcing is devoted to thefinal results.

For this reason, we pay so much attention to defining project goals. As well as conducting the release, product support and a full range of post-release services.

With outstaffing model

Full control over the development process.

With the outstaffing model, you are in charge of managing the development process. You decide on the tasks your team is working on. Schedule those tasks and manage all the development activities.

Easily track the results.

You’ll have direct access to the executed work and assess the work of your offshore developers.

Cheaper than in-house.

Hiring outstaff developers is basically the same thing as hiring new employees. Except for lower rates and savings on recruiting expenses.


You can not only hire offshore developers pretty fast. But also replace them and end up your cooperation when the tasks are completed.

Key persons

Rodion Sorokin

Co-founder and CTO

Serhii Kasian

Co-founder and Coo

Kateryna Boguslavskaya


Philip Balo

Tech lead and Software Engineer

Kateryna Pigur

Partner Success Manager

Valeria Kuchugurna

Partnership Manager

Elena Maliarenko

Sales Manager

Nikita Malichenko

Software Engineer

Business domains


– e-Commerce shops
– Online payment systems


– Banking applications
– Payment systems


– Cyber security integrations
– Information security extensions


– Decision making support systems

Media & Travel

– Photo, audio and video editors
– Online reservation apps

Automotive industry

– Developing supporting apps for well-known car brands
– Service for car rental
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Technologies we work with

Our references

Case Studies

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The team of professionals, who know the golden middle between great code and business value

Dnipro, Sicheslavskaya Naberezhnaya, 49

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