Node.js developer

We don’t offer a project. We offer stability.

A few facts about us:

– Technical stack of our team: JS (React and Node) and Java
– Whereas our business model is outstaff, we offer a search for a project that matches not only the developer’s stack but also matches his interests
– Our developers are involved in long-term projects in the fields of Fintech,Education, E-commerce, SaaS, etc. We do not consider projects in the Betting, Gambling, Adult content, and similar domains
– Each of our developers is involved only in one full-time project
– Our current clients are from the USA and Europe
– This year we hope to grow up, regardless of the conditions, and organize the work of outsourcing teams
– Hostilities did not affect the stability of our company: not a single dismissed person, not a single reduction in the rate or other payments because of war, the terms of payment of salaries have not shifted. The founders are optimistic about the future, so our team continues to grow.

What we offer for your success

  • Competitive salary and regular performance reviews
  • The ability to focus on your work: a lack of bureaucracy and micromanagement
  • No overtimes
  • Timely salary payment
  • 50% compensation for English courses (if it’s needed)
  • 21 paid days off
  • Adaptation period of 3 months
  • Attention! The salary amount depends on the results of the tech. interview and your experience


About your responsibilities:

No long descriptions are needed: every developer knows his tasks while on a project. The specific list of tasks will depend on the project, of course

What you need for this position?!

  • Commercial experience in software development as a Node.js Developer gained while working in an IT company, not freelancing (2+ years)
  • Experience of working with:
  • At least 2 years of hands-on experience with Node.js or related server-side frameworks (Express/Nest/KOA)
  • Experience in RDBMS and NoSQL databases at scale.
  • Designing, planning and building REST/GraphQL APIs
  • Experience in caching technologies (Redis/Memcached) with the ability to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Experience in development of Cloud (AWS/Google Cloud/Azure) applications with API management and SaaS architectures;
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript, ES6+
  • Experience in high scale systems;
  • Good knowledge of Docker and deployment life cycle;
  • Proficiency in Git.
  • Experience in message brokers Kafka/RabbitMQ/Amazon SQS
  • Understanding of the TDD principles and experience of writing tests;
  • Understanding of microservice architecture principles;
  • Willingness to use spoken English at work (we expect your level is Intermediate and higher)
  • Focus on simplicity and quality
  • Good communication skills


If you have any questions about this job post, please feel free to ask.

Contact us and become a valuable part of the People-First team

Griff Bowden